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Cutting to the chase – instant fulfillment isn’t an option anymore, it’s a necessity. Here are at Group Enroll, we want things quickly, we want them done well and we want the simplest and best solutions for your exceptional people.

Providing Group Insurance benefits that tailor solutions for your specific business and people needs is our main business. We appreciate that each plan sponsor has unique objectives. Recognizing this diversity, we strive to find creative and flexible solutions and are committed to ensuring that the plan sponsor gets the best value for their benefit dollar.

As brokers, we represent virtually all insurance suppliers. This enables us to make truly objective recommendations to our clients that put their needs first.

Includes Drug Coverage, Hospital Coverage, Paramedical Services, Medical Supplies & Equipment, Out of Province Coverage, Other Health Care Benefits

Includes Basic Dental, Major Restorative & Orthodontics Coverage

Includes Long & Short-Term Disability Insurance

Includes Life Insurance, Dependent Life Insurance, Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance & Critical Illness Insurance

Includes Group RRSP’s & Group DPSP’s

Self-Funded Health & Dental Benefit Plans


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