Public and Private Health Insurance Plans in Nova Scotia

Public and Private Health Insurance Plans in Nova Scotia

People worldwide recognize Canada for its public health care system, which receives its funding from provincial and federal governments. Nova Scotia is no different. Nova Scotia’s health insurance plan is known as the Medical Services Insurance (MSI) program, and it runs under Medavie Blue Cross. 

Provincial plans cover some medical expenses regardless of a resident’s ability to pay. Unfortunately, government health and dental plans don’t cover the costs associated with all medical services, treatments, or supplies. 

MSI Coverage

Nova Scotians who register for MSI coverage will not have to pay any premiums toward the service. They will receive an insurance card to present to the doctor or hospital each time they require and receive medical services. MSI coverage includes medically necessary treatments and services, such as:

  • Physician, hospital, dental, and vision care services
  • Labs and diagnostic services
  • All hospital costs
  • Prosthetics
  • Hospital stays

Dental insurance under the MSI program fully covers children under 14. The coverage also pays for impacted tooth extraction and other maxillary and facial surgeries, as long as the procedure occurs in a hospital.

MSI Exclusions

The provincial plan has several restrictions that can affect how much a resident pays for health care. Billable services that MSI will not take care of include:

  • Ambulance service, unless for transportation between hospitals
  • Routine dental care for people over 14
  • Prescription drugs for anyone under 64
  • Hearing aids
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Semi-private and private room for a hospital stay

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MSI Prescription Drug Programs

Though MSI doesn’t provide reimbursement for prescription medication for members under 64, the region does have programs to help with payments. Family Pharmacare is a program for MSI members who will have a copayment and deductible for prescriptions based on income and family size. Seniors over 65 without health insurance can participate in Seniors Pharmacare.

Other programs include drug assistance for cancer patients, Nova Scotia diabetes assistance, and Community Services Pharmacare. 

Private Insurance Solutions

Supplementing public insurance with private solutions like extended health care through employee group benefits will increase Nova Scotians’ insurance coverage without incurring significant out-of-pocket expenses.

Extended health care insurance is a part of group benefits that compensate users for services government plans don’t cover. Including a health care spending account in your group benefits plan is also beneficial for employees who prefer a flexible insurance option to supplement a traditional policy. Employees can have the plan as part of personal health coverage or a group benefits plan. 

Both options help cover expenses that MSI excludes, like:

Reduce Health Plan Costs With Extended Health Care

Though Nova Scotia’s health plan pays for some medical services, it does not provide enough coverage for some residents, resulting in high out-of-pocket costs for necessary services and treatments. At Group Enroll, we can help your business find affordable insurance plans that give your employees access to the care they need. 

Whether you are considering adding a health care spending account or extended health care benefits, our knowledgeable representatives will help you select the best insurance products from the nation’s biggest insurance agencies. 

Contact our team today for more information about customized group benefits or fill out our quick contact form to explore your options. 

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