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Group Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers here to commonly asked questions about Group Benefits, RRSP, HCSA and other employees related coverage.

A: The taxable benefit is a payment given to any workers (or taxpayers) of the employer by adding to their employee’s income every salary period to determine the total income that is subject to tax deductions.

A: Group Benefits cover many different areas. The broad categories are Drugs, Dental, Vision Care, Health Care, Hospital Coverage, Long & Short-Term Disability, Life & Accident Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance and Travel Insurance.

A: With some insurance companies, 2 is enough to get started.

A: The length of the contract can range between 12-16 Months.

A: Group Benefits can start as early as the 1st or 15th of any given month.

A: The waiting period for new employees is determined by the employer. Waiting Periods are very flexible.

A: Yes, Group Benefits are completely Taxable Benefits.

A: Yes, part-time employees can be included in our Group Benefits plan.

A: Yes, the cost can be split between the employer and their employees in many ways. Cost-sharing is very flexible

A: Yes, you can decide to have different benefits based on employee groups. (i.e. management, owners, office, etc.) This can be flexible

A: Yes, most benefits can be changed at any time during the contract.

A: Group Benefits are on a month-by-month basis. They can be cancelled with a 30-day notice at any time without any fees.

A: Most insurance companies have a system where you can enroll/terminate employees online. Otherwise, you can download the applicable enrollment form from and send it by mail or scan it to your broker/insurance company.

A: Yes, each employee will receive a drug card that they can use at pharmacies and dental offices.


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