8 Employee Recognition Strategies That Actually Work

8 Employee Recognition Strategies That Actually Work

The foundation of a successful company is employee satisfaction. Making a company thrive starts with hiring the most qualified staff. The next step is to make them feel valued and motivated. This is where employee recognition comes in. Highlighting the efforts of hardworking individuals will bring many benefits to your workforce and the company at large.

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Defining Employee Recognition

Employee recognition is a tool used by organizations to reinforce certain practices that yield positive business results. By incentivizing their excellent performance, you encourage employees to stay on that trajectory, making them less likely to “jump ship” should they be tempted to work elsewhere.

Why These Strategies are Crucial

A workforce is a community. Members will want to play off of each other’s accomplishments. Admiration, respect, and inspiration all play into how well a staff performs. People are naturally more inclined to keep up the good work if it is acknowledged.

Employee recognition also offers the following advantages:

Increases Productivity

Improves Employee Retention

Enhances Company Culture


Implementing an Employee Recognition Program

What are the strategies that make up a successful employee recognition program? Read on to find out.

Employee Recognition that Works

Pitfalls to Avoid

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