Akira Health | Beyond Virtual Medicine

Akira Health | Beyond Virtual Medicine

Virtual care goes beyond a pandemic boosted buzz word. Access to healthcare professionals anytime and anywhere improves outcomes and produces a strong return on investment for businesses and their employees alike. Akira Health is an industry leader in telemedicine and virtual care now available throughout Canada through their merger with Telus Health.

How does Akira Health work, and what can they do for your team? The network of physical and mental health professionals at Akira Health offers instant access and streamlined care to keep your employees healthy, happy, and productive.

What Is Virtual Care?

The recent global pandemic changed how many companies conduct business, moving from an on-site model to virtual meetings and remote workers, and many may not make the switch back. Virtual care is the healthcare equivalent of the same, and it is a powerful tool to consider when choosing a group health plan for your business. 


When possible, providers conduct examinations and consultations via secure text and video, saving patients the travel and wait times, business hours, and risk of additional exposures associated with in-office visits. 


Patients can contact available care providers at any hour, any day, and from anywhere. It is a model proven to reduce absenteeism due to doctor visits and stress-related mental illness while increasing preventative care.


Can healthcare be handled effectively online? Yes, providers conduct most patient care virtually without a loss in quality for patient outcomes and experience. Providers schedule tests and in-person evaluations only when needed.

Support and Care On Demand

When are traditional, on-site doctor’s appointments available?

Most operate during “normal business hours.” Is it any wonder employees miss multiple days of work each year while seeking healthcare? Others sacrifice preventative care or sick visits instead. Imagine how an employee benefits plan with around-the-clock access to care could improve employee health, morale, and productivity.

Once they download the app, Akira Health’s group health insurance connects your employees with an extensive network of mental health providers, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and more throughout the Canadian Healthcare system. The app provides secure text and video connections, allowing them to seek care whenever and wherever they need it.

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Focus on Preventative Care

Preventative health care is still our best tool for fighting injury and disease. Akira Health’s network provides additional resources and options for preventative care using the app as a point of contact. An employee benefits plan with Akira Health brings physiotherapy, counselling, therapy, checkups, prescription renewal, and much more to your employees’ homes.

Get Started

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