Can Independent Contractors Get Health Benefits in Canada?

Can Independent Contractors Get Health Benefits in Canada?

Take control of your wellbeing by learning about the various health care options available to independent contractors! As a Canadian citizen or legal resident, you have access to free, standard healthcare through your provincial plan, regardless of your employment status.

How can independent contractors get health benefits that provincial health insurance does not provide? Discover the health coverage alternatives for independent contractors below.

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Health Insurance Alternatives for Independent Contractors

As a full-time business owner, you have a few options to choose from when shopping for supplemental health insurance. To decide between them, you will need to assess your business, including your immediate health care needs, future risk factors, and current budget. Discover some of your health insurance alternatives below.

Supplemental Health Plans

Private Health Services Plan

Can Contractors Get Insurance to Cover Costs While Healing?

Covering the costs of your medical treatment will help you avoid significant medical debt. But what about the cost of missing work while you recuperate? With each day that passes, lost wages push you further away from your financial goals. Fortunately, independent contractors have a solid option to protect against lost earnings: Employment Insurance special benefits.

What Are Special Benefits?

What Types of Special Benefits Are There?

Who Is Eligible for Special Benefits?

How Do I Register for Special Benefits?

How Much Do Special Benefits Cost?


Group Enroll | Health Benefits for Independent Contractors

How can independent contractors get health benefits in Canada? Receive a free online quote for supplemental health insurance brokered by Group Enroll! We will compare quotes from the best available insurance providers and send you the best offer. You can also contact us at or 10 Great Gulf Drive, Unit 5, Vaughan, ON, L4K 5W1.