How to Attract Top Talent: Four Recruitment Strategies to Get Quality Hires

How to Attract Top Talent: Four Recruitment Strategies to Get Quality Hires

For any business to be successful, it needs to have a group of employees who bring value to the company. Diligent workers with knowledge and experience are assets to businesses of any size. Still, to find the right people to help your business stand apart from competitors, you need to have an iron-clad recruitment strategy.

Understanding how to attract talent to your company will help you find potential employees who can bring their skills to your organization and help it grow. According to Trading Economics, as of November 2020, Canada has added 62,000 jobs to the economy. Not only will you need a top-tier recruitment strategy to fill an open position with the right personnel, but you also need it to help you attract talent away from the competition. 

Here, you will learn the best tips to position your company as an authority on recruitment processes.

Work on Your Business’s Brand

Any business owner or HR manager who wants to understand how to attract talent to the company must first look at its branding. Branding is what sets one company apart from the others within the same field. Without it, potential candidates will bypass your recruitment ads to seek employment elsewhere. 

You want people to look at your company and say, “I want to work there.” You also want people who already work for your business to be happy enough with their employer, their benefits, and work environment to recommend outsiders to apply for open positions. With proper branding, you can fulfill both of these requests.

A recent study from LinkedIn states that a strong employer brand can attract 50% more qualified candidates, resulting in a lower turnover rate. You can improve your business brand as part of your recruitment strategy by:

  • Being a leader in your industry with a reliable reputation among your peers
  • Investing in employee engagement through rewards programs, communicating about the company’s performance, and providing adequate onboarding training and development programs
  • Using Glassdoor employee reviews to turn feedback about your business’s recruitment strategy into positive changes for the process

Implement an Employee Referral Program

Though strategic job ad placement can garner attention from outside talent, the best way to find the most suitable person for a position is through an employee who already works for the company. Having an employee referral program costs the company little, but it can yield high results. By turning to your employees to fill open spots, your business can have the following benefits.

Better Cultural Fit

Employees tend to recommend people they feel will either benefit from the work environment or work well with colleagues. They wouldn’t want to bring someone into their workplace who would disrupt the ebb and flow of the environment because the referring employee’s reputation will be on the line. Instead, they’ll refer someone who fits well into the already-established work culture, saving you time from screening candidates.

Stronger Candidate Engagement

Candidates who receive interviews from the referral program already have an interest in working for your business, whether they are active or passive job seekers. Because they know someone who already works for the organization, they likely have a better understanding of the company than someone who answered a job posting.

Higher Retention Rates

Employees who come on board through the employee referral program tend to last twice as long on the job as traditional hires. Your business will have a more substantial group of employees and fewer job openings, reducing how often you have to recruit for new talent.

Understanding How Business Incorporation Works

Happy Employees are the key to cultivating a rich, positive and productive workplace. We love these tips on how to keep employees happy at work.

Improve Your Job Postings

Suppose you don’t have an employee referral program or want to supplement one with job advertisements. In that case, your job descriptions must be attention-grabbing and offer a thorough explanation of the role and employee expectations. To craft worthwhile job descriptions.

  • Use specific titles to pique interest from qualified candidates.
  • Ensure that your job overview is captivating enough to get people excited about the position and the company.
  • Keep job descriptions concise with no more than 2,000 characters.
  • Only include essential details like primary responsibilities, typical daily activities, and the role the job plays within the company.

Treat Potential Employees Like Customers

Regardless of how you interview a job candidate — whether it’s in person, on the phone, or through a virtual meeting — the candidate must finish the interview with an excellent first impression of your business. They need to understand that you’re as excited as they are about their consideration for the position. One of the best ways to make a good impression is to treat all interviewees like customers by:

  • Respecting their time and not being tardy without proper communication about time changes
  • Being hospitable and making them comfortable
  • Making yourself available by offering your contact information so that you can answer any questions they may have about the job or their role

Turn to Group Enroll for Professional Assistance

Though many workers within the Canadian workforce use government health plans to assist with their medical expenses, they often contend with high out-of-pocket costs. Group health insurance is an effective way for all employees to mitigate these costs, and by offering medical insurance, businesses make themselves look more attractive to job candidates. People want to work for companies that provide substantial benefits, and employees who feel adequately compensated tend to have higher productivity and positive feelings about the company culture.

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