How to Motivate your Employees: Tips for HR Managers

How to Motivate your Employees: Tips for HR Managers

Employee motivation is the level of energy, persistence, creativity, and commitment that a workforce brings to its assigned tasks. While it’s completely normal for employees to be occasionally uninspired or unmotivated, constant disengagement is a serious issue.

Many companies are starting to realize that a generous paycheck on its own isn’t enough to retain and inspire their workforce. HR managers need to learn how to motivate employees, and it doesn’t have to be a challenge.

Here are some tips that can help keep your workforce content and boost their productivity.

Create a Comfortable Work Environment

How many hours does an employee stay in their work area? Eventually, a dull and dreary environment can take a toll on someone’s mental health. Conversely, a bright and functional space can lift the spirits and inspire the mind.

Consider replacing old light fixtures or even outdated equipment, both of which offer aesthetic improvements and practicality. Making the workspace more inviting doesn’t necessarily require a huge financial investment. From a small couch, your employees can lounge into synthetic plants, every detail can make the daily grind a bit more enjoyable for your workforce.

Encourage Open Communication

If you want to know how to keep workers motivated, why not ask them directly? Maintain an open line of communication with everyone in the team. Your primary goal here is to make each employee feel acknowledged and heard.

You can even implement an open-door policy, allowing people to offer suggestions and ideas to improve the workplace. By accounting for everyone’s preferences and opinions, you stand a better chance of making changes that create a big difference.

Recognize Their Achievements

Even a simple acknowledgement of a job well done can improve anyone’s mood. Don’t hesitate to praise employees who go the extra mile, whether it’s finishing a project early, helping a co-worker, or landing a big business deal.

It’s no secret that people who feel appreciated become motivated to work harder. You can take this step to the next level with gratifying rewards like trophies or an employee recognition board.

5 Ways to Keep Employees Happy at Work

Happy Employees are the key to cultivating a rich, positive and productive workplace. We love these tips on how to keep employees happy at work.

Offer Flexible Work Options

Many companies with the appropriate business structure provide flexible schedules for their employees. This benefit allows people to work when they are most active and motivated and rest when they want some downtime. After all, not everyone is an early bird who can handle a regular nine-to-five work schedule.

Another route HR managers can take is remote working. Even with vaccinations well underway, the COVID-19 threat looms large, and many employees might prefer the safety and comfort of a working-from-home setup.

Prioritize Their Health

Providing a generous health insurance plan is usually one of the simplest yet most effective methods you can use to reward and attract talent. Having these benefits shows that you care about protecting and supporting your staff’s wellbeing. Employers, too, gain the advantage of a healthy, active, and productive workforce.

Safeguard Their Future

Per the CPA’s National Survey from 2016-2019, it isn’t difficult to see how Canadians are generally not very adept at handling their finances, which can prove detrimental in their later years. With a group registered retirement savings plan, you can encourage your employees to save up for the future. As a bonus, you can even match their contributions and effectively double their savings.

Employees will also appreciate it if you care about the future of their dependents. A life insurance plan can give your workers peace of mind by providing their beneficiaries with a failsafe.

Provide an Excellent Benefits Package

As an HR manager, you likely understand the significant effect of a benefits package on recruitment, retainment, and general job satisfaction. Group benefits offer the conveniences of one package that include the plans mentioned above, as well as:

  • Accidental death and dismemberment insurance
  • Long- or short-term disability insurance
  • Health care spending account
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Dental insurance

Employers and HR managers who provide these plans gain the advantage of healthy, happy, and loyal employees.

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