5 Effective Tips When Hiring Employees for Your Small Business

5 Effective Tips When Hiring Employees for Your Small Business

Small businesses in Canada still face challenges due to supply shortages, travel restrictions, economic changes, and political uncertainty. In Canada and internationally, many workers work from home or are reluctant to re-enter the workforce. Hiring employees for your small business can seem overwhelming.

Workers who might have taken jobs without hesitation a decade ago have higher expectations from their employers. Many workers have immigrated from abroad or changed careers in response to the economic upheavals of the last few years. In exchange for putting their health on the line and hitching their financial future to a new job, employees expect reassurance.

How can small businesses that already feel a financial pinch find the resources they need to attract wary applicants? The trick is to improve your hiring process. Provide value and security to experienced and skilled workers while keeping your overhead low. The following strategies can also help:

  • Target your job posting to your ideal job candidate
  • Provide a meaningful career path
  • Make it easy for outstanding applicants to apply
  • Provide benefits that go beyond monetary compensation

The team of insurance brokers at Group Enroll wants you to have all the resources you need at your disposal. We created this list of hiring tips so that you and your human resources team can make your hiring process as smooth and effective as possible.

Read this report from the Canada Excellence Research Chairs for more information about recruitment best practices. A sound hiring strategy, compelling job posting, and attractive compensation and benefits package can make hiring employees for your small business efficient and easy.

Table of Contents

Tip #1: Know Your Expectations, and Be Clear About Them

Many employers are unsure of what they need the employee to do or have conflicting expectations. Before you post an advertisement, take time to assess your needs, particularly if:

  • You need one person to take on multiple roles
  • The vacancy is temporary or transitional
  • The position is new
  • Job duties might change over time

Job seekers might apply for a nebulous job posting, but clear job postings offer several advantages:

  • Employees can tailor their applications to highlight relevant skills and experience
  • Applicants are more likely to be well suited for the position
  • The onboarding process will be easier

Assessing Your Needs

Tip #2: Create a Welcoming Environment for Employees

The tone and content of the application can give applicants a sense of whether they would like to work at the company. Just as you screen applicants, job seekers will scrutinize your job postings looking for red flags and insights into what it will be like as an employee.

Convey Why the Position Has Value

Avoid Negativity

Stress Inclusivity

Describe the Onboarding Process

Tip #3: Offer a Path to Career Development

Most job seekers want to know that they will receive a long-term career boost by taking a job. Show applicants that you can offer them a future through:

  • Promotions within the company
  • Skills and experience that make them eligible for better positions
  • A collegial and supportive work environment that promotes growth

A job posting focusing only on day-to-day job responsibilities might not satisfy ambitious job seekers who need long-term security. If high turnover and difficulty with staff retention have been problems in your workplace, consider providing more professional development opportunities.

If your position is entry-level, provide examples of skills that the employee will acquire and the skills that they need from day one.

For example, you could say, “Employees should have PowerPoint experience, which they will use to develop presentations for our clients. There will be opportunities to give presentations to our clients as part of our management training initiative.”

Showing a process of continuous improvement prepares employees to expect opportunities for growth. Hiring employees for your small business is just the first step in maintaining employee loyalty and engagement.

Tip #4: Find the Right Match

Your job posting or recruitment effort will only be successful if it reaches candidates who suit your business needs and have the talent and experience to do the job well. Setting up a profile and posting to a job board or networking site can connect to the right pool of applicants.

Remember, you will never see an application from the perfect candidate if a competitor gets to them first.

Online Websites


The Canada Job Bank

Tip #5: Offer Competitive Benefits

Employees nowadays want more than just a paycheck. They expect their job to offer protection if an emergency arises, as their children grow up, and as they plan for retirement. A comprehensive benefits package can attract future-oriented, qualified applicants.

Consider the recurring themes in the requirements section of job postings. Employers want dependable, educated, experienced, proactive, and attentive employees. Ask yourself these questions:

Would a dependable person allow their spouse or children to go without complete health or dental coverage?

Would someone who has invested in their education and professional development take a job that did not offer a return on that investment?

Would a proactive employee leave their retirement planning to chance or expect their employer to do so?

Would someone who pays attention to details overlook an inadequate benefits package in a job posting?

Expect your employees to manage their personal lives and prepare for their financial futures with the same diligence that you expect them to demonstrate in the workplace. When job hunters read your posting, be sure that they see benefits such as:

  • Supplemental health care, vision, and dental insurance coverage
  • Retirement savings or pension plans
  • Insurance in case disability renders them unable to work
  • Options for life insurance and disability insurance

Each employee has unique circumstances and challenges in their life outside work. Flexible coverage options and assistance in choosing the right plan make it easier for prospective employees to find the best benefits.


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