Benefits of Workplace Social Committees and Why to Start One

Benefits of Workplace Social Committees and Why to Start One

Boost productivity by creating a social committee at your company. Workplace social committees foster healthy interactions, improved teamwork, and better relationships with the surrounding community. Discover how to form a social committee at your workplace and the type of activities you can promote below.

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What Are Workplace Social Committees?

A social committee is a group of employees that meets periodically to brainstorm new ways of improving employee satisfaction by breaking up the workweek with fun events. Social committee members often focus on promoting employee health and building strong relationships between coworkers.

How to Form a Workplace Social Committee

Once management has greenlit a new social committee at work, you should invite your most creative, outgoing, and organized employees to serve as the initial committee members. Speak with human resources or your team leaders to identify the best candidates.

After putting together a social committee at your company, schedule the first meeting. 

Ask each committee member to come prepared with mission and vision statements, as well as a few ideas regarding potential bylaws, exciting activities, and achievable goals. 

Encourage committee members to engage other employees for additional suggestions.

At the first meeting, share your mission and vision statements. Then, either pick the best ones or merge a few to establish a clear path forward for your workplace social committee. You should also address budgetary concerns and create a schedule for future meetings, fundraisers, and events.

Types of Workplace Social Committee Activities

Show your employees that you care by inviting them to participate in fun, rewarding activities. You’ll find no shortage of exciting things to do as a team during work breaks. The best workplace social committees assess their coworkers and plan events that suit their abilities. 

Consider scheduling activities for Wednesdays to split up the workweek or Fridays if you want to treat committee events as a reward for your employees’ hard work. Some of the most popular in-office social committee activities include:

  • Game Day — Board games, trivia, and charades
  • Themed Casual Fridays — Pajamas, gym clothes, 80s, 90s, etc.
  • Food Events — Pizza party, potluck, or salad bar
  • Exercise — Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, or aerobics
  • Mental Health Day — Meditation, aromatherapy, music, etc.

Sometimes, you need to take your team out of the office so everyone can share an adventure. Some of the best activities that take place outside of the office include:

  • Dinner at a restaurant
  • Smash rooms and escape rooms
  • Go-karts, miniature golfing, and bumper boats
  • Wellness retreats and spa days
  • Holiday gatherings

To understand your team a little better, ask them for in-office and outdoor event suggestions. Make sure you approach the introverts on your team to gather ideas that will appeal to as many employees as possible.

Benefits of Social Committees in the Workplace

Workplace social committees offer companies several benefits that increase productivity and improve branding. Some of the advantages of forming a social committee at work may seem obvious. Others remain more indirect. Discover some of the main benefits of social committees in the workplace below.

Improved Morale

Better Teamwork

Positive Messaging

Free Marketing

Community Development

Healthier Staff


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