How Much Is Chiropractic Treatment in Canada?

How Much Is Chiropractic Treatment in Canada?

For 4.7 million Canadians, chiropractic services are essential to their health care. But how much is chiropractic treatment? Costs vary depending on treatment methods and where the patient receives care.

Canada’s universal healthcare system does not fully cover chiropractic treatment for the general public. Patients should know what to expect to prepare for their next chiropractic visit. Read on to learn more about the costs of chiropractic services in Canada.

What Is Chiropractic Treatment?

Chiropractic treatment is the practice of relieving pain in patients by manipulating the spine and joints. This therapy is an alternative to conventional drugs and is effective for short-term relief. Chiropractors use over 150 different methods to diagnose and treat affected persons.

Canadians see chiropractic professionals for a wide range of reasons. This therapy method shows results when relieving musculoskeletal system problems like:

  • Back pain
  • Sports-related injury
  • Arthritis and motor control
  • Balance problems
  • Headaches
  • Neck stiffness and pain

Some chiropractic sessions will conclude after the first visit. Other treatments may require several in-office visits. This information can be crucial when considering a budget for treatment.

This therapy is not suitable for every person managing physical pain symptoms. Speak to a qualified healthcare provider to see if chiropractic treatment is for you.

How Much Does a Visit Cost Without Insurance?

Some may wonder, “how much is chiropractic treatment for individuals without insurance?”

Visiting a chiropractor can cost between $60 and $150 for an initial consultation. This price varies depending on the office location and the type of therapy patients seek. The first visit may be more expensive than subsequent follow-ups.

The price of chiropractors without insurance surprises some patients as being relatively low. Chiropractic adjustments and follow-up appointments may cost uninsured Canadians between $40 and $80 per visit. Despite this, individuals may struggle to pay for certain services without help.

Public programs provide funding to many chiropractic clinics across the country. This funding helps low-income and senior Canadians get the chiropractic treatment they need. The general public also benefits from this funding by enjoying reduced treatment costs compared to neighbouring countries.

X-Ray Costs

An x-ray scan is not necessary during many chiropractic treatments. Still, some professionals may recommend this method to complete a more thorough health assessment.

An x-ray scan at the chiropractor’s office can cost between $50 and $250. This technology requires significant upkeep and certified technicians to operate. Because of these factors, this will generally cost patients more on average than conventional visits.

During a consultation, patients should speak to their chiropractor about x-rays and other service prices. A professional healthcare provider can break down the numbers to let them know what they are paying.

Chiropractic Services with Insurance

In most cases, third-party payers cover chiropractic care. The federal government also provides extensive healthcare services to certain portions of the population. These services usually include chiropractic treatment options.

For many Canadian workers, employee benefit plans cover many healthcare services. Employers who consider adding chiropractic services to their worker coverage should find the best quotes on group benefit plans.

Around 70% of Canadians are under the coverage of Extended Health Care (EHC) plans. These plans give individuals and employers quality access to various services, including chiropractic care. Policies vary between businesses, so workers should speak to company representatives for more coverage information.

Not all insurance companies will cover the full range of chiropractic services, even if they offer coverage for some. Examinations and adjustments are standard in scope across the board. Some insurance providers do not guarantee coverage for x-rays, physical therapy, and other auxiliary services.

Explore Canada’s provincial health plans here to see if you qualify for extensive chiropractic care coverage.

Coverage for Federal Populations

The federal government covers some qualified populations for treatment.

A policy change in 2014 authorized members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to receive $4,800 a year for chiropractic and physical therapy services.

Canadian veterans are eligible for these healthcare options under 14 Programs of Choice. Veterans Affairs Canada limits the number of chiropractic sessions per year. If veterans require more sessions than their allowance, they should seek third-party options.

First Nations Non-Insured Health Benefits (FNIHB) clients can access many chiropractic coverage plans depending on their location. Local laws regarding this therapy coverage change annually. Keep up to date by reaching out to a local, provincial FNIHB branch.

While the Canadian government covers federal inmates for various other healthcare services, they are ineligible for chiropractic treatment coverage.

Finding a Health Insurance Broker

Chiropractic care is essential to some, and having access can be difficult without the proper coverage. Individuals need to work with a health insurance broker to find and negotiate the best coverage. A health insurance broker will locate policies that work best for their needs and act as an advocate.

Brokers work independently from insurance companies. This means they can give clients advice on which policies to pursue. Some Canadians may need a limited amount of chiropractic services. A broker will help these individuals find suitable policies so that they pay only for what they need.

Canadians who use health insurance brokers typically save money during their insurance exploration. Brokers complete tedious work during the insurance hunt. In addition, they communicate with representatives on their clients’ behalf.

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