Desjardins Group Insurance: Detailed Guide

Desjardins Group Insurance: Detailed Guide

At a Glance

Desjardins provides group health insurance benefits to businesses large and small and considers themselves the most widely available group insurance policy available in Quebec.

Desjardins Review

Health insurance is necessary to keep you and your loved ones safe. The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association recently reported that health insurance protects more than 29 million people nationwide. 

When you come into a position of power, it is your responsibility to ensure that your employees or subordinates are offered insurance benefits. 

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About Desjardins

With approximately 5,000 employees and multiple offices spread throughout the country, Desjardins provides life and health insurance benefits to over 7 million Canadians. 

The company offers a wide variety of distribution methods, including caisse and business center employees, a large team of financial security advisors that devote the entirety of their time to caisse members, and a selection of other investment firms throughout Canada such as SFL. They are also partnered with many finance professionals, such as brokers, group advisors, and actuarial consultants.

Company Overview

Below is a table with information pulled from reliable industry sources to give you a glimpse of where Desjardins stands in the eyes of experts.

Desjardins Group Benefit Products

Desjardins offers a ton of different types of insurance as well as an assortment of solutions. Here are just a few of the options available.

Supplementary Healthcare – hospitalization and medical expenses, professional fees

Vision Care – covers eye care appointments and surgeries 

Prescription Drug – alleviates drug costs and makes available cost control methods

Dental Care – covers preventative and restorative dental services

Life ensures beneficiaries are compensated following the death of an employee

On top of the insurance packages offered above, Desjardins group insurance offers services to further help employers and employees alike. 

A Disability Management Program ensures that employees spend the least amount of time on leave and can get back to work as soon as possible through the implementation of an action plan. 

The company also offers Drug Cost Management and Fraud Prevention. The drug cost management program ensures employees receive cost-effective options to deal with their medical issues. 

In addition, Desjardins provides Prevention and Wellness Services to help employees with their physical and mental health, assistance services to help relieve stress, and convenient admin services with a personal Desjardins Insurance group benefits login.

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Desjardins FAQ

What is a group benefits plan?

A group benefits plan ensures that all your employees are provided with health insurance benefits while in your employ. It also protects your employees and their beneficiaries in the case of an emergency or catastrophic event.

What are the advantages of group insurance?

There are significant advantages to enrolling in a group insurance plan. Because the risk is spread throughout your organization, group policies tend to have lower costs. There are also many tax incentives when you offer health benefits to your employees.

Are group health benefits taxable in Canada?

As long as you and your employee have reached an agreement, commonly referred to as a Private Health Services Plan (PHSP), then health and dental benefits can be distributed tax-free to your employees.

Desjardins Downloadable Forms

You can download all applicable group healthcare forms from the Desjardins site from the first link below and submit them at the second link.

Desjardins Insurance Contact Information

Primary Address: 200, rue des Commandeurs, Lévis (Québec) G6V 6R2

Important Contact Numbers:

  • Support for Group Plans: 1-866-838-7553

Learn More About Desjardins

If you’re interested in moving forward with a Dejardins group insurance policy, simply click the button below to request a free quote, and a member of our team will get in touch with you shortly. At Group Enroll, we’ve made it our mission to make comparing group insurance plans easy. 

Our office is located at 10 Great Gulf Drive, Unit 5, Vaughan, ON, L4K 0K7, or feel free to send us an email at [email protected] with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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