How to Submit Manulife Claims: Complete Guide

How to Submit Manulife Claims: Complete Guide

Manulife specializes in creating simple processes to allow clients to submit claims through various avenues with ease. This guide will walk you through the steps for submitting your claims through those avenues and their specific requirements. 

Not all products, treatments, and services will have coverage through this provider, so if you are unsure, speak with your plan administrator or check your plan benefits booklet.

Table of Contents

Submitting Manulife Claims

You can submit your claim to Manulife in several ways:

  • Asking your health care provider to submit the claim directly to Manulife
  • Using the online claim submission service
  • Downloading the Manulife mobile app
  • Submitting a paper form

Submitting Manulife Claims Online

Submitting Manulife Claims Through Your Medical Provider

Submitting Paper Manulife Claims

Submit a Manulife Claim Through the Manulife Mobile App


Guidelines for Submitting Manulife Claims

If Another Health Plan Covers Some Expenses

Additional Information About Claims

Checking Your Manulife Claim Status

You can check your online Manulife account to see if the provider has received and processed your claim. The most recent submissions are usually on the portal’s homepage. To view your submitted claims:

  1. Log in to the secure website
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the homepage to see recent claims

If you need to find a specific claim:

  1. Log in to the site
  2. Locate the “Claims” tab to find “Search My Claims” and select this option
  3. Enter the date of the claim, the benefit time, or patient or claimant name


All completed claims will show up on the secure group plan portal. You will not see any claims that are still processing on the homepage or under the search results. 

It typically takes five business days to process a claim. Group members with direct deposit can expect payment into their bank accounts within one to two business days. Standard mailing times are applicable for paper cheques.

Considerations to Make Before Paying for Services

Unfortunately, Manulife doesn’t cover claims from every health care provider. Before seeking medical or dental services, ask your doctor or medical professional if Manulife covers their services and treatments. You can also find an approved provider by:

  1. Signing into the plan member site for your group benefits
  2. Look for either link:
    1. “Find an Approved Health Care Provider”
    2. “View List of Providers Not Covered”
  3. Use either resource to find a provider under Manulife coverage


You should also consider your claim’s coverage for costly procedures and equipment before spending money on them. Before you receive medical services or equipment, you can inquire about your potential claim by sending a cost estimate to Manulife online. A representative can evaluate it and determine if your plan will cover the request.

To send an estimate, visit your group benefits site and sign in. It is best to send estimates in the following situations:

  • You need expensive dental work
    • In many cases, dentists will provide their patients with estimates to send on their behalf or for patients to turn in online themselves
  • You require medications that need pre-approval
    • Your plan will determine the type of drugs you can receive under Manulife coverage. To determine coverage eligibility, submit the following with your estimate:
      • The drug’s name and DIN
      • How you will take the drug (e.g., orally, injections, or inhaling)
      • The drug’s dosage
      • A completed Drug Prior Authorization form from the “Find a Form” section of the Manulife website
    • The cost of your medical equipment exceeds $500

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