Dialogue, a Telemedicine Services Provider, Goes Public

Dialogue, a Telemedicine Services Provider, Goes Public

The covid-19 pandemic changed the way we conduct business, socialize, and live. While virtual meetings, video calls, and virtual desktops were around before, these technologies surged in popularity across the globe in almost every field and are likely here to stay. 

Companies like Dialogue, which provides telemedicine services, grew in size and popularity to meet patient demand for care without exposure risk. Propelled forward by the increase in demand, Dialogue filed to take the company public earlier this year to keep up with record growth.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine, also called virtual care or telemed, is a means of providing high-quality medical care over a video call or by phone or text. While patients occasionally need to see a healthcare professional in person for tests or physical evaluations, technology makes it possible for doctors to handle most patient care virtually.  Patient experience and health outcomes remain high.

Statistics show benefits packages that provide employees and their families virtual healthcare services help reduce absenteeism and increase productivity through healthier and more positive work-life.

All in One Access to Mental and Physical Health Professionals

Dialogue’s telemedicine network includes far more than on-call service providers for allergies and colds. A group health plan through Dialogue offers access to hundreds of care providers. 

Their team includes nutritionists, occupational therapists, psychologists, general practitioners, and more. A multidisciplinary approach provides a comprehensive, effective, and timely approach to medicine with exemplary results.

Dialogue Benefits

How can a small business health plan including Dialogue telemedicine benefit your company? Employees who are healthy and satisfied with their company’s benefits and work-life are far more productive than those who are not. The return on investment with Dialogue’s coverage goes far beyond that.

Reduced Absenteeism

The Canadian Healthcare System’s wait times and office hours overlap most work schedules, causing hours if not days of absenteeism for the average citizen. Dialogue provides access to virtual healthcare and mental health services between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., a factor that has proven to improve attendance and productivity.  

Minimized Exposure Risks

No matter how well sanitized the waiting room, exposure is an unfortunate and unavoidable risk of in-person health care. Virtual care eliminates this risk since patients speak with their providers through text, phone, or video call without the need to wait with others who are ill and in need of care. Lower exposure means reduced absenteeism, higher productivity, and fewer colds getting passed around the office.

Akira Health | Beyond Virtual Medicine

Virtual care goes beyond a pandemic boosted buzz word.

Is Dialogue Telemedicine for You?

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