Disaster Preparedness for Small Business: Best Practices

Disaster Preparedness for Small Business: Best Practices

Disasters in Canada are a more common occurrence than one may expect. Crime, mechanical, and health failures of key staff can easily happen anywhere. And though some regions are more likely to experience natural disasters than others, these events can cause major property damage to businesses everywhere. Small business disaster preparedness involves proactively creating a plan to manage a variety of scenarios so that your business can adjust should a disaster occur.

For example, fires can happen unexpectedly, causing costly destruction. According to Statistics Canada, over 19,000 structural fires occurred in 2014, affecting both enterprises and residential properties. Disasters can occur anywhere, wreaking havoc and proving detrimental to small business operations without an emergency plan.

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5 Steps to Create an Effective Small Business Crisis Management Plan

Small business disaster preparedness is essential to include in your business plan and staff training. However, some business owners may find it difficult to begin planning for such a disaster. Follow these steps to create and implement an effective crisis management plan.

1. Designate a Responsible Party

2. Determine Which Disasters Your Business Is Most Likely to Experience

3. Take Preventive Measures

4. Create an Emergency Plan

5. Practice and Update Your Plan as Needed

Post-Disaster Preparations

Make sure that you consider the following questions about how your business would function after a disaster while creating your business continuity plan:

  • How will a disaster affect my suppliers? How would it affect my clients?
  • Where will my business operate if my property sustains damage? Pick an emergency location. 
  • How will I communicate with my staff, business partners, suppliers, and customers in the event of a disaster? 
  • How will I access money in the event of a crisis? Consider keeping an emergency fund of physical cash in a safe place.
  • What insurance do I need to best protect my business and employees?


Group Enroll: Group Insurance Plans Your Staff Needs

If you are ready to create a small business disaster preparedness plan, consider investing in group insurance for your team. Our insurance brokers at Group Enroll can help you decide on which plans are the most necessary for your business, as well as provide you with the best proposals for your needs. 

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