How to Submit and Track RBC Group Insurance Claims

How to Submit and Track RBC Group Insurance Claims

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Insurance offers coverage to more than 5 million Canadians. While they are a relative newcomer to the insurance world (1993), they’ve quickly become a popular option—and for good reason. 

But as a policyholder, you already know that! What you might not know is that RBC allows group insurance policyholders to submit claims multiple ways: online, using paper documents, or via their app. 

Let’s take a look at each option as well as how to track your claim once you submit it. Keep in mind that different types of group coverage and services may follow different protocols. Always double-check that you’re following the directions for the right claim type.

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When to Submit RBC Insurance Claims

This point might seem obvious. The best time to submit your paperwork is always as soon as possible, right? You might assume that’s right after you receive care. However, some claims can and should be pre-approved, which cuts down on some processing time after you submit the actual claim. 

Here’s a bit more guidance on when to contact RBC about your claim in common situations, as well as which method you can use to submit that claim.

Health Claims

Extended Health and Dental Claims

Travel Claims

Long-Term Disability Claims

Short-Term Disability Claims

Life Insurance and Accidental Death Claims

Loss of Use/Dismemberment Claims


How to Submit an RBC Group Insurance Claim

Submitting RBC Claims Online

Submitting an RBC Claim Through Your Medical Service Provider

Submitting an RBC Claim Via Email

Submitting an RBC Claim with Paper Documents

Submitting an RBC Claim Using the Mobile App

Coordination of Benefits Claims

Contacting RBC About a Claim Over the Phone

Tracking RBC Insurance Claims

Once you’ve submitted a claim, your first goal should be to focus on healing, but it is essential to remember to follow-up with your insurance provider. You want to make sure you receive all the group benefits for which you are eligible. 

At times, you, your doctor, or your employer may need to provide additional information to clarify issues. You may also need to make adjustments to your claim if you receive new documents that apply to your case.

Remember to retain copies of important documents for your reference. An RBC representative may call you to ask clarifying questions, so it is a good idea to keep those documents organized and handy. Finally, remember that some claims, particularly for disability insurance and life insurance, can take a while to process, so begin as early as possible for the quickest response.

RBC provides the following methods for contacting an agent to check the status of your outstanding claims.

Tracking Your RBC Claim Online

Tracking Your RBC Claim by Phone

Tracking Your RBC Claim Through the Mobile App

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your RBC Policy?

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