Lumino Health | A Trustworthy Medical Resource

Lumino Health | A Trustworthy Medical Resource

The internet provides unparalleled access to information on just about any topic you can imagine, but not all sources are credible. That’s why Sun Life created Lumino Health to help Canadians find reliable resources and networks to find the care providers they need.

Lumino Health provides a database of care providers and gives users more information than they would find through a traditional internet search to help them find a provider best suited to their needs. Users can search and access vetted professional articles, guides, and other resources for taking charge of their nutrition, fitness, health, and mental wellbeing.

Lumino Health Virtual Care Resources

The response to covid-19 impacted most facets of modern life, including how we access medical care. Lumino Health virtual care provides users with a network of doctors, nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, and other healthcare professionals to meet their healthcare needs from the safety and comfort of home.

Beyond streamlining the process of locating care professionals who offer virtual appointments, Sun Life and Lumino Health built a resource library to help users prepare for and get the most from their online visits.

Trusted Educational Sources

Lumino Health is free and available to all Canadian citizens regardless of their insurance provider, but their partnership with Sun Life ensures the completeness of their listings. Lumino Health researches and verifies institutions and healthcare professionals included on Sun Life client claims, and patients provide ratings and reviews.

Users can research different providers and see feedback and reviews from their current and former patients, office hours, and cost information to help make their decision easier.

Help Finding the Right Healthcare Professionals

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Let Your Employees Take Charge of Their Health

Do you want to help your employees get the coverage they need to take full advantage of Lumino Health? Let Group Enroll help. Submit a quote request, and we’ll help you compare your options.

Individual Health & Dental Plans

Do You Need a Group Benefits Plan? can quickly help you save money by comparing major group health insurance provider rates across Canada.

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