Manulife Group Benefits: In-Depth Guide

Manulife Group Benefits: In-Depth Guide

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Manulife offers group benefits packages to millions of customers around the globe. What sets them apart is the ability to customize their group insurance packages.

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Manulife Review

Having a good healthcare plan gives an added layer of security for you and your family. According to the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association, $98 billion in health and life insurance benefits were paid out to Canadian citizens in 2019—but the benefits are even more plentiful when you invest in a group benefits plan. 

A group benefits plan ensures that all your employees are covered when it comes to medical needs and services. Employees need to feel secure at their workplace, and providing benefits is the way to do that. 

That’s why we’re here. At Group Enroll, we provide the most comprehensive, easy-to-use group insurance quote finder in Canada. Just fill our short quote form, and we’ll get back to you for a bit more information. Once we have a firm idea of what type of group policy would best suit your needs, we’ll send you a list of competitive rate options. 

We understand that navigating the various types of insurance policies is a daunting task for anyone. Let us guide you through the process by breaking down the benefits associated with each of our group insurance provider partners. 

In this Manulife review, we’ll delve into all that Manulife has to offer those in need of a group insurance policy. If you have any questions regarding group insurance before requesting a quote, you can always send us an email at, and we will get back to you ASAP!

About Manulife

Company Overview

Insureye Consumer Rating2.7/5
Years in Business130
Benefits and Claims Paid$30.6 billion over the past year
Number of Clients≈ 30 million worldwide
Total AssetsUS $943 billion (September 2020)

Manulife Group Benefit Products

Manulife offers fantastic group plans and packages for your business. A sound benefits package can help you attract more talent and compensate your plan members. Manulife offers customized insurance plans that’ll allow you to pick and choose what type of coverage you want to give your employees. What’s included in those? Let’s dive deeper. 

First, not only are these plans customizable, but they are also highly scalable, which means that you can add or subtract members to adjust to the current size of your company. 

One of the benefits of a Manulife group plan is the many drug plan services it has to offer. There are three drug plans you can opt into:

My Drug Plan

Manulife DrugWatch™

Specialty Drug Care


You may also choose to customize your dental plan, picking which services you want to be covered. Setting deductibles and maximums is another advantage to this plan because it will most likely lower your monthly premium payment. 

Other professional services may be included as add-ons if you wish, including dietitians, kinesiologists, and sports therapists. Manulife’s plans are highly flexible. You may even choose to allow your employees to purchase their own personal insurance due to the portability of a group plan. 

Adding to the customizable aspect of these plans, many forms of insurance may be added à la carte, including:

Life Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

Accident Protection


Aside from a traditional insurance plan, Manulife group benefits provide management and prevention services for their customers. 

An Employee Wellness Program will help keep your work environment clean. This promotes healthy company culture and ensures that those who need help get it at the right time. Personalized wellness programs use data analytics to track the health of all your employees and give your staff the motivation to keep up with their fitness. 

In fact, Manulife has created its own app called Vitality. It comes included as part of your group benefits plan. It allows all plan members to track their health and fitness goals and compete for rewards. The system has been used for over 20 years, making it the only proven employment enrichment program in the country—a total of 84% of plan members credit Vitality for improving their health and wellness habits. 

Manulife’s Short-Term Absence Solution allows you to keep employees suffering from a short-term disability recovering at a good pace, allowing them to return to work faster. Health by Design is a program designed to customize action plans for each individual’s condition. 

It is considered one of the best disability management solutions in Canada. The solution focuses on both physical and mental health and is customized to a specific employee’s needs. Such personal touches are Manulife’s specialty. 

Often, family drama can spill over to the workplace. That’s why Manulife offers an employee and family assistance program. This is an anonymous process that involves private counselling sessions and conflict resolution for the impacted family. 

Finally, the insurance provider gives additional support such as fraud protection, digital claims, HR services, and communication support as supplemental products to your group benefits plan.


Manulife FAQ

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How many employees do I need to be eligible for group benefits?

Can I add or subtract plan members during my membership?

Manulife Downloadable Forms

Looking for Manulife group healthcare forms? Here’s everything you need to complete your claim, make policy changes, and take advantage of some of the generous third-party offers Manulife provides:

  • Healthcare Forms: Includes all current Manulife forms for individuals and businesses.
  • HRDownloads: Free human resource tools for Manulife group benefit policy members.


Many other Manulife programs, such as Vitality and their virtual healthcare option, Health Care Online, in partnership with AKIRA, can be accessed from your member account.

Manulife Contact Information

Primary Address: 250 Bloor St E, Toronto, ON M4W 1E5, Canada

Important Contact Numbers:

  • Head Office: 519-747-7000
  • Support for Group Plans: 1-800-268-6195

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