The Benefits of Outsourcing for Small Businesses: What Owners Need to Know

The Benefits of Outsourcing for Small Businesses: What Owners Need to Know

When you first launch a start-up business with a small team, incoming work can be overwhelming. Focusing on serving your customers while you’re still trying to get all your ducks in a row is frustrating and stressful. In these cases, it may be a good option for you to outsource some of your work. 

Outsourcing is the practice of hiring people outside of your company to do work for said company. This can take a load off of your hands and let you get back to focusing on what you need to grow your business.

The following are some departments where you can reap the benefits of outsourcing for small businesses.

Taxes / Payroll

Managing money, no matter how small your company is, is a pain. It’s tough to keep track of expenses and invoices. Why not get outside help to take this off your plate? 

For bookkeeping purposes, you could do this in a couple of ways. Either you can hire a CPA to get all your financial information in order, or you can automate your bookkeeping with accounting software. 

Several software programs track all your expenses and invoices for you, and a lot of CPAs can access certain accounting software to file your taxes right from an accounting app. Some programs also include payroll services, so you can ensure all of your employees are getting paid correctly and on time.

Few things give you more headaches as a business owner than dealing with legal ventures. But you will inevitably have to deal with some form of a legal case in your career. However, keeping a lawyer on retainer is simply too expensive for most new businesses. 

That’s why, when you have an important contract or are entering negotiations with a supplier, it may be smart to hire a lawyer to oversee the process. Many websites help you find attorneys to whom you may outsource work.


With digital media being so vital to any small business these days, quality content is always in demand. Skilled copywriters can improve your company website’s search engine optimization (SEO), allowing more people to find your website via online search engines. 

Posting constant blogs on your website is also a good way to keep your audience coming back for more. Plus, content doesn’t have to be in written form. Maybe you’re looking to bolster your YouTube page with high-quality video promoting your business. Many freelance sites, including Fiverr and Upwork, let you post a job listing to find the perfect collaborator.

Web Development / Design

On a similar note, a well-designed website can help your business stand out against competitors. A full-time web developer demands a high salary, but it’s good to get at least a nice homepage made for your website, which a top designer can do in as little as a few hours. 

Web developers can increase the functionality of your site, including faster load times. They can also add elements such as contact forms to generate new leads for your small business. If you work in the software as a service (SaaS) business, hiring freelance developers is very common.

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