The Difference Between Good and Great Managers: How Can I Be a Better One?

The Difference Between Good and Great Managers: How Can I Be a Better One?

As a manager, you must gain the respect of your employees and be an effective leader to facilitate company growth. Many of our clients ask us, “How can I be a better manager?” Fortunately, you can leverage many leadership and management practices to become a better business manager.

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Below, we will discuss the management skills you need to motivate your team. Applying these practices will help you become a better manager.

The Role of a Manager

As a manager, you oversee how your team operates. You must ensure that your team is productive and happy.

Effective managers understand what motivates each person on the team. Each employee has a different personality, and you must know what makes them tick. For example, some people like to receive public praise, while others prefer a private conversation.

You also must make sure that there is a balance between work and home life for everyone on the team. It is vital for your employees to feel like they can take time off when they need it without worrying about their workload piling up.

Business managers ensure that the team is working efficiently and effectively. Managers focus on the team’s work rather than their own. You must be proactive, empathetic, and have a good understanding of the company’s goals.

How Can I Be a Better Manager?

Fortunately, many tips and tricks can help you become a better manager. Below are some of the most effective ways to strengthen your leadership skills.

Time Management

One of the most crucial ways to sharpen your management skills is to use your time wisely and effectively.

Time management can apply to a couple of different aspects of your business. It could refer to your time management outside of work. You must know how to balance work and family life and ensure that you get enough sleep to maximize your office productivity.

It can also refer to making sure your employees use their office time appropriately. Managers must supervise their employees and limit the amount of wasted time each day.

The best way to become a better manager is by learning from your mistakes. When something goes wrong, take the time to reflect on what happened and what you could have done differently.

Accept and Encourage Criticism

Managers should be open to criticism and not take it personally. They should also know how to give constructive feedback to their employees. You do not want to be demeaning or demoralizing when critiquing your employees.

Managers should also understand the strengths and weaknesses of their employees. You are primarily responsible for the success of your employees. Business managers must provide feedback and guidance to help their employees grow.

There are many ways that managers can provide feedback to their employees. One way is by giving them a performance review at the end of the year. Another way is by offering feedback regularly, such as once a week or once a month.

The best managers know how to give constructive criticism and praise in good measure. They also know how to motivate their employees and keep them happy in the workplace.

Personalize Your Management Style

One of the first things managers should do is analyze their management styles. There are many different styles, but it is crucial to know which one fits you best to work on improving yourself.

Some managers may find themselves too hands-off, while others may be too hands-on. You do not want your employees to think of you as a pushover. Neither should you over-criticize your workers.

Over time, you will find the right balance to strengthen your management style. However, carrying yourself with confidence will gain your employees’ trust from day one.

You must know how to motivate your workers and make them feel valued and appreciated.

Avoid These Mistakes

Bad business managers make mistakes in all facets of the business, from strategy to execution. There are many things a novice manager can do wrong, but it all boils down to one thing: a lack of understanding.

One of the most common mistakes bad managers make is not understanding their team’s strengths and weaknesses. Amateur managers also make mistakes by putting the wrong people in specific roles or lacking a deep understanding of the competition. When managers make these kinds of oversights, they hurt themselves, their team, and their entire organization.

Managers also frequently put too much pressure on themselves to succeed. Doing so leads to working long hours, making unnecessary sacrifices, and placing unrealistic expectations on themselves.

While everyone makes mistakes, the good news is that anyone can learn from them. Business managers are under a lot of pressure to make these mistakes happen less often. When you do make mistakes, however, you must learn from them.

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