Understanding Paramedical Services: Definition and Coverage

Understanding Paramedical Services: Definition and Coverage

Add value to your employees’ benefits packages by offering insurance coverage for paramedical services. Paramedical practitioners provide diagnostic, advisory, curative, and preventive medical services that government health insurance does not always cover. 

Many Canadians choose paramedical treatment, including therapies that our public health system sometimes does not recognize. Group Enroll serves as the simplest solution to gaps in government health coverage. Secure group health insurance for your employees by following four simple steps: quote, customize, compare, and enroll.

What Are Paramedical Services?

In Canada, paramedical services often require extended health benefits, which provide coverage for many different services not offered by traditional healthcare practitioners. Paramedical services focus on personal wellness, pain issues, stress-related problems, and support for insomnia. 

The treatments that fall into the category of paramedical services do not require a fully qualified medical doctor. Employees who prefer parameds tend to choose companies that offer paramedical services as part of their health insurance plans.

Types of Paramedical Services

Paramedical practitioners use unorthodox techniques to deal with acute and long-term conditions. Some of the different types of paramedical practitioners in Canada include:

  • Dietician
  • Massage therapist
  • Naturopath
  • Acupuncturist
  • Audiologist
  • Podiatrist
  • Social worker
  • Speech therapist
  • Chiropodist
  • Chiropractor
  • Psychologist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Occupational therapist

What Are the Benefits of Paramedical Services?

Business owners often ask, “What are the benefits of offering paramedical services insurance for my employees?” Paramedical services coverage represents one of the most sought-after benefits for new hires in Canada. As such, companies that offer it can attract the best candidates. Discover the main benefits of providing paramedical services coverage below.

Attract New Talent

Employee expectations regarding work benefits have risen in recent years. As a result, some companies use provincial health insurance and paramedical coverage to pull in the best prospective employees. Also, employees usually stay longer with companies that offer paramedical services insurance in Canada.

Variety of Health Services

Companies tend to add paramedical services to their employees’ government insurance coverage because it covers several health care practices that lack recognition under the public health system of Canada.

Mental Health Checks

Work environments can sometimes prove quite stressful, creating a need for occasional mental health checkups. Employers offering paramedical service coverage provide their employees with access to reputed psychologists and counsellors.

Cost-effective Treatments

Desk jobs can lead to back pain, joint problems, and other spine-related issues. As a cost-effective solution, chiropractors reduce employees’ pain and relax muscles so they can remain productive. Companies can also determine and manage the number of paramedical visits allowed to keep costs under control.

Boost in Performance

Paramedical services, such as massage therapy and physiotherapy, can boost the drive of employees. Companies frequently note an increase in productivity when employees can take charge of their health.

Is Paramedical Coverage Worth It?

Paramedical services coverage provides employees with access to holistic, alternative treatments to critical illnesses. Offering such coverage to your employees allows them to supplement traditional medicine with other proven solutions.

Individual vs. Group Plans

The paramedical coverage provided by individual health plans offers less treatment coverage than group plans, costing patients between $25 and $65 per visit. Patients must also stay within a maximum number of visits per year for each type of paramedical service. 

Employee group benefits rarely set a fixed number of visits per year for a specific type of paramedical service. However, each year, patients have access to a maximum number of paramedical visits that they can use for whatever service they like. Once they have exhausted their annual visits, they will no longer have any coverage.

Budgetary Concerns

Small business owners must consider the overall cost of paramedical services coverage before enrolling in a group insurance plan. 

One of the main reasons employers choose to offer paramedical services insurance involves the productive, highly skilled talent that it can attract. The increased efficiency that comes with quality hires can defray some of the premium costs. Also, businesses can set budget criteria to mitigate the costs of providing employees with paramedical coverage.

Health Spending Account (HSA)

A small business can offer coverage for paramedicine through a Health Spending Account (HSA). By opening an HSA, a small business can set an amount per employee that they would like to put towards dental care, vision care, and other services. 

One of the main things that small business owners must focus on is cost-effective growth. By adding paramedical services coverage to an employee benefits package, an employer can maintain a healthy, productive, and motivated team. Most employers also note a significant drop in the number of sick days that their employees use.

Paramedical Services and Your Insurance Coverage

Learn about paramedical service coverage in this article!

Group Enroll | Your Group Insurance Broker

Group Enroll serves Canadians as an insurance broker that connects businesses to group insurance providers for their employees. Through Group Enroll, employers will find the most cost-effective insurance plans for small businesses in Canada. 

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