What Are the Responsibilities of a Benefit Plan Administrator?

What Are the Responsibilities of a Benefit Plan Administrator?

The benefits plan administrator handles all of the details that make the benefits plan function for your business and employees. Are you a business or employer looking for group benefits coverage for your employees? You’re in the right place to discover the right quote for your team. Keep reading to learn more about the responsibilities of a benefit plan administrator.

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What Does a Benefit Plan Administrator Do?

If your company has group insurance for employees, the plan administrator must perform many duties on a timely basis, including maintaining information and updating it through contact with employees.

Do you know what these duties are? They include:

  • Handling enrollment and removal
  • Noting life event updates
  • Tracking employment status
  • Offering coverage options
  • Keeping employees informed
  • Reviewing paperwork
  • Renewing benefit packages

Benefit administrators tackle these actions to manage the day-to-day benefits plan operations. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the most essential tasks that plan administrators handle regularly.

1. Handling Employee Enrollment and Removal

2. Updating Key Life Events

3. Noting Employment Status Changes

4. Communicating Coverage Options

5. Informing Employees About the Claims Process

6. Reviewing Statements, Billing, and Payments

7. Renewing Plans as Necessary

8. Fiduciary Responsibilities


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