What Qualifies as a Small Business in Canada? Factors and Considerations

What Qualifies as a Small Business in Canada? Factors and Considerations

Much of the Canadian workforce comes from smaller enterprises, making Canada one of the top places in the world to start a business. However, the definition of a “small business” varies in this country and depends on several surprising factors. 

It’s not enough to have a few workers on payroll to become a small business owner. However, knowing what qualifies as a small business in Canada ensures that one adheres to all of the country’s restrictions and regulations during a business venture.

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What Qualifies as a Small Business in Canada?

As of 2019, small businesses were responsible for 68.8% of the total private labour force, while medium-sized companies only accounted for 19.7% of the private labour force. With so many people working for enterprises with small footprints, and with major workforce impacts, the definition of a small business should be straightforward. 

Canada categorizes businesses by micro-business, small business, medium-sized business, and large business. However, the term “small business” has several definitions, with factors that place companies in the appropriate categories.

Industry Canada

Export Development Corporation

Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Canadian Bankers Association

Canadian Small Business Financing Program

Why a Business Owner Needs to Know if They Have a Small Business

It may not seem important to know the various definitions of a small business. However, these various classifications will determine if a particular enterprise qualifies for financial applications and certain tax deductions. 

For instance, the small business deduction is available for small companies. This tax benefit allows the company to be eligible for a reduced corporate tax rate. Other eligibility qualifications for the benefit include, but are not limited to: 

  • One or more public corporations cannot control the business
  • No person or entity who is not a resident in Canada can control the company directly or indirectly
  • The business must be a private corporation 

Knowing a business’s classification also gives the owner access to several resources to help set up and run the enterprise, including resources for registering your business and filing income taxes.


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