10 Telltale Signs that You Need New Glasses

10 Telltale Signs that You Need New Glasses

Your current glasses are not a permanent solution for your vision problems. Your eyes and eyesight evolve as you age, and as a result, the prescriptions you receive as a kid won’t correct any of your changed impairments or any new ones that have developed.

There are several signs you need glasses tweaks or upgrades. Unfortunately, it’s challenging to recognize which problems you can write off and which ones point to significant issues with your corrective lenses. So we’ll explore the ten most common clues that you’re due for an upgrade.

Constant Squinting

Squinting is a natural response to vision difficulties. It’s also one of the most obvious signs you need glasses improvements. While squinting can help clarify close-up objects, if you’re squinting more than ever, your vision and corrective lenses aren’t getting the job done.

If you find yourself squinting just to make out easily visible household items, contact your optometrist as soon as possible.

Physical Pain Like Headaches or Eye Strain

Headaches and eye strain aren’t immediate indicators that you need new glasses, as both can signify other everyday health and well-being issues. However, both are also symptoms of glasses with improper prescriptions or ill-fitting frames that may require a visit to your doctor if they don’t cease over time.

Both headaches and eye strain happen when your eyes work too hard, which is typical if they’re fighting against a prescription not correctly calibrated to your evolving vision needs. Additionally, if you’re wearing too tight glasses, they squeeze against your head and create enough pressure for a nasty headache.

Eye Fatigue

Like eye strain, eye fatigue happens when you overload your vision. Symptoms show up through discomfort, a stinging sensation, or an urge to shut your eyes.

Eye fatigue can happen even with a perfect prescription if you don’t rest your eyes often enough. If you’re experiencing the symptoms above more often than usual, however, it likely means your eyes are working hard against your outdated glasses.

Vision Impairments

Glasses are supposed to correct common vision impairments. So, when they fail, and you start suffering from these issues, it’s one of the most evident signs that you need glasses recalibrated to your new eyesight needs.

  • Blurry vision
  • Halos
  • Double vision
  • Fuzzy vision
  • Worsened night vision
  • Difficulty transitioning from bright environments to dark ones
  • Nearsightedness or farsightedness

Constantly Watering Eyes

Frequently watering eyes is a sign of eye strain that can occur even if you’re not experiencing other discomforts.

Watering eyes, even with corrective lenses, simply means your eyes are working too hard and need a more tolerable prescription. However, constantly watering eyes also might be a sign of severe health conditions like thyroid disorder, so you should call your doctor and optometrist if it’s happening more than usual.

Trouble With Computer Screens

Computer vision syndrome happens when you overwork your eyes while staring at digital screens. Computers, smartphones, and tablets emit blue light that strains your eyes and forces them to work harder to display a clear image.

If you spend hours looking at blue light screens every day and have trouble sleeping, keeping your eyes open, or are just suffering from blurry or distorted vision, it’s likely a sign that you need computer glasses.

Computer glasses filter out blue light to soften the workload on your eyes and keep digital images clear. They also have prescription lenses, so you won’t have to sacrifice your overall vision to work at a computer.

Lens or Frame Damage

Many people ignore damage to their glasses frames or lenses, believing those issues won’t affect their vision. But even minor wear and tear significantly impact your corrective lenses’ effectiveness.

For example, slight scratches on the lenses can throw off your vision and create severe eyestrain and repeated headaches. Even glasses frames that no longer fit tightly will throw off your eyesight by resting lower on your nose and changing where your eyes look through the lenses.

Glasses are delicate, and even something as minor as using warm water to clean them can wear off the lenses’ protective coating and create irreparable damage. Though minor scratches and little maintenance faux pas might not seem like much, they’re all evident signs you need glasses upgrades.

You Need More Help Seeing Things Than Usual

If you’re holding your books closer to your face when you read or leaning closer to the TV than usual to see pictures you’ve never had issues seeing in the past, you probably need new glasses.

These instances are telltale signs of poor nearsightedness and farsightedness, the two leading reasons people get glasses in the first place. If your glasses aren’t correcting those issues, it’s time to upgrade.

Aesthetic Upgrades

Not all the signs that you need glasses are as severe as chronic headaches or vision problems. There are thousands of different colours and styles for glasses frames these days, so you’ll have a world of options if you’re tired of your current look and want to upgrade to something more your fashion.

You’re Not Visiting the Eye Doctor Frequently

Most medical advice suggests you should visit your eye doctor annually, even if you have perfect eyesight.

Optometrists catch every slight change in your vision quality through simple tests and can adjust your prescriptions before they fall out of date.

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