3 Ways to File Equitable Life Claims

3 Ways to File Equitable Life Claims

Securing a group insurance provider for your company is a significant first step towards cultivating a positive, motivated culture at your workplace. The next step is to understand how to submit a claim through your insurance provider successfully. 

Without knowing how to submit a claim, your benefits package is wasted, and your healthcare expenses increase. 

Fortunately, Group Enroll is partnered with Equitable Life Insurance, so we know the process of properly filing a claim with them. As technology has become more prominent, the claim submission process has become much easier for plan members. Equitable Life plan members have a few options when it comes to submitting a claim.

Submitting an Equitable Life EZClaim Online

Equitable Life has a simple and easy online claim submission process called EZClaim. First, you’ll need to log in to equitablehealth.ca and hit the “Submit a Claim” button. This link will take you to one of the company’s interactive health or dental forms. 

While filling out Equitable Life online claims, be sure to attach your receipt for the service you’re claiming. This paperwork helps speed up the claims process and keeps you organized in the event of an audit. 

To submit Equitable Life Insurance claim forms or additional documents, use the Document Submission Tool. This tool can be found by clicking “My Resources” on the homepage and selecting “Document Submission.” Most EZClaims are paid within three business days.

Submitting an Equitable Life EZClaim via Mobile

The Equitable EZClaim mobile app makes submitting claims on-the-go simple and easy. Head over to the App Store or Google Play to download and install the official app.

After logging in or creating an account, you’ll instantly spot where you can submit a claim for approval. It’s even easier than doing so on the Equitable website as the app was specifically built to improve the claim filing process. 

Before clicking the submit button, make sure to take a picture of your receipt. The convenient thing about submitting mobile claims is that you can easily upload them onto the app from your smartphone or tablet whenever you need to send in additional documents. 

You can also track the status of all your Equitable Life Insurance claim forms and view your claim history.

Manulife Group Benefits Online: How to Register & Log in

The Manulife Group Benefits Login portal provides quick and simple ways to submit your medical, dental and other claims. We’ve simplified the process here.

Submitting an Equitable Life at Your Provider’s Clinic

The fastest way to get your claim approved is to go directly through your healthcare provider. Today, more healthcare providers can submit a claim for you than ever before. These professionals include vision care providers, psychologists, athletic therapists, and many more. 

Most of these claims are immediately approved, so you know how much your benefits plan covers before you leave the establishment. This process decreases the total that you have to pay for your visit. Most healthcare providers are signed up and authorized to submit claims for patients, but you should confirm with them before your appointment just in case.

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Equitable Life Policy?

Equitable Life aims to provide high-quality services and financial security to its diverse clientele. This mutual company is owned by policyholders, which means they share in the company’s success, furthering their incentive to help you. 

However, Canada has no shortage of top-quality insurance providers, and it’s worth it to compare rate quotes about once a year to ensure you’re getting the best possible coverage at the lowest possible price. 

At Group Enroll, we provide Canadian business owners with free quotes for group insurance packages. The process is simple. Just fill out our quick quote form and get your free quotes today!

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