Blue Cross Group Benefits: Summary and FAQ

Blue Cross Group Benefits: Summary and FAQ

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Blue Cross offers a wide range of group plans that are affordable and simple to build. Blue Cross group packages provide coverage for life, disability, and various health services at relatively low costs.

Blue Cross Canada Review

The Canadian Association of Blue Cross Plans (CABCP) consists of seven not-for-profit health insurance providers. Blue Cross was founded in 1939, and its headquarters are in Etobicoke, Ontario. The company’s products include individual health coverage, travel insurance plans, and group plans for small businesses and large organizations. They offer insurance options for non-workers as well. For example, Blue Cross group 66 benefits Alberta seniors.

Blue Cross Health Insurance Canada has plans available for budgets of all sizes, and the company’s group plans are valuable to both employers and employees. Blue Cross benefit plans are easy to personalize, and they provide adequate risk protection for group members.

Blue Cross Canada Group Benefits Products

Group benefits from Blue Cross vary from province to province. The AB Blue Cross group benefits include:

Life and Disability

Life and disability coverage offers protection against financial loss due to death or disability. This plan’s optional benefits include long-term and short-term disability, dependent life insurance, and coverage for accidental death and dismemberment.

Extended Health Services

Extended health benefits cover out-of-pocket medical expenses that don’t fall under the province’s health care plan. They typically cover items like ambulance services, preferred hospital accommodation, and private nursing care.

Prescription Drug Coverage

Alberta Blue Cross group benefits include prescription drug coverage with varying co-payment levels, including 100%, 80%, and 70%.


Basic dental coverage for employees includes diagnostic, preventative, and restorative services. Members can also claim for endodontics, surgical procedures, and denture services.

Health Spending Accounts

Health Spending Accounts (HSA) from Alberta Blue Cross allow employees to pay for healthcare expenses that don’t fall under the group coverage. An HSA is ideal for complementing group benefit plans since it provides employees with the flexibility that they need to cover unique expenses.

Wellness Spending Accounts

Wellness spending accounts are available to employee groups of 25 or more and provide reimbursement for expenses to promote wellness. Examples of activities employees can fund with their wellness spending accounts include:

  • Fitness-related expenses
  • Continuous professional development
  • Health programs and services

Vision Coverage

Blue Cross offers vision benefits that include coverage for most eye care services, including examinations, contact lenses, and eyeglass purchases. Vision coverage from Blue Cross is highly flexible and allows for employee co-payments.

Travel Coverage

When employees travel outside Canada, Blue Cross’ travel plan will cover emergency services such as evacuation and transportation to a facility where they can receive adequate medical care.

Employee Assistance

The Employee and Family Assistance Program provides employees with counselling services and helps them with work-related stress, emotional problems, legal or financial difficulty, or marital problems.

Critical Condition Benefit

The critical illness benefits offer protection against the financial implications of severe and unexpected illness. Employees can use the lump sum benefit for various expenses, including home care, out-of-province treatments, or home improvements to accommodate physical limitations.

Second Opinion

With the Second Opinion service, members can take control of their health. Plan members can access medical specialists if they want to obtain second opinions on treatment plans and diagnoses.

Blue Cross Canada FAQ

What are Group Benefits Plans?

Group benefit plans cover specific groups of people, for example, the employees or members of an organization. With group benefit plans, the risk pool is more extensive, which means members can access insurance plans at a lower price. Employees also get better coverage for pre-existing conditions.

What are Group Insurance Benefits?

Group benefit plans vary between providers. The plans from Blue Cross include life, disability, and medical insurance. Some plans also include employee assistance programs and coverage for general wellness expenses.

Are Group Health Benefits Taxable in Canada?

Generally speaking, the premiums employers pay for accident insurance and critical illness insurance are taxable benefits at the federal and provincial levels. However, the premiums businesses pay for group health insurance on behalf of their employees are not taxable benefits.

Manulife Group Benefits Online: How to Register & Log in

The Manulife Group Benefits Login portal provides quick and simple ways to submit your medical, dental and other claims. We’ve simplified the process here.

Blue Cross Canada Downloadable Forms

As a Blue Cross member, you may be eligible to submit your claim online. You can download your claim forms from the group plan members’ page.

Downloadable claim forms include health services claims, dental claims, health spending account claims, and more.

Blue Cross Canada Contact Information

Ontario Primary Address: 185 The West Mall Suite 610   Etobicoke, Ontario M9C 5P1

Quebec Primary Address: 1981 McGill College Avenue Suite 100 Montreal, QC H3A 3A

Important Contact Numbers:

  • Ontario Group Plans Support: 1-800-355-9133
  • Quebec Group Plans Support: 1-888-588-1212

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