Co-operators Group Insurance Claims: Process and Forms

Co-operators Group Insurance Claims: Process and Forms

No matter which insurance company handles your benefits, filing an insurance claim can be daunting, especially when you are already hurt, sick, and stressed out. There are so many forms to fill out, including some that require information from a doctor or healthcare administrator. What’s more, some insurance claims are processed differently depending on which benefit you are trying to claim.

If you have group insurance benefits through The Co-operators Group Limited, we’re here to help. Here’s everything you need to know to file a Co-operators group insurance claim.

How to File a Group Insurance Claim with Co-operators

You have several options to submit your claim:

  • Submit through your Co-operator’s Online Services account
  • Upload documents through the Co-operator’s app
  • Call the Claims Centre
  • Contact your financial advisor for assistance
  • Submitting a Co-operators Claim in Person

Submitting a Co-operators Claim Online

The best way to get prompt service is to contact Co-operators digitally. If you haven’t signed up for a free Online Services account, it’s a good idea to do that before you need to file a claim. Once you register an account, you’ll be able to review your policies and download Co-operators documents right to your computer. You can also make payments and — importantly — submit information to make a claim.

Submitting a Co-operators Claim Using the App

If you plan to stay in touch with your insurance company through your mobile device, you can download the Co-operators app onto your tablet or smartphone to perform many of the same actions you would find on the website. 

The app has all the documents you need to file a claim.

Submitting a Co-operators Claim Over the Phone

If you’d prefer to speak to another human, a Co-operators representative is available to talk you through the claim submission process. 

You can reach the Co-operators Claims Center at 1-877-682-5246. If you are in Quebec, call 1-877-594-2667.

Submitting a Co-operators Claim Through Your Financial Advisor

If you have a financial advisor, you can also choose to speak with him or her before you start the process of a new claim. Your financial advisor will be able to suggest the best course of action and help you complete your claims paperwork.

Submitting a Co-operators Claim in Person

It’s important to remember that due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, some of the Co-operators’ physical locations are closed or may only accommodate in-person meetings by appointment. If you want to drop off documents in person, call 1-877-682-5246 or your local office for advice.

Mail service is also delayed, so paper claims sent through the mail will take longer to process. Co-operators have asked policyholders to call ahead if they want to submit documents by mail.

Forms You Will Need to File a Co-operators Claim

You can find all documents regarding your group benefits claim on the Co-operators forms page. Paperwork is broken down into several easily navigated groups:

  • Administrative forms
  • Extended health and dental claim forms
  • Disability claim forms
  • Life and AD&D forms
  • Critical illness claim forms

You will need to print out your Co-operators insurance claims forms, handwrite the information, and scan the page so you can upload the document to the online portal. You may need to download several documents for one claim, particularly when you need a doctor and your company to file a statement on your behalf.

All claims should include supporting documentation, such as receipts, billing statements, medical records, or any other relevant proof of care/injury.

Remember to call the Co-operators Claims Center ahead of time if you need to mail a form. If you use this method, make copies of all papers in case of lost mail or other disruptions.

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