Diversity Recruiting: Hiring Strategies and Best Practices

Diversity Recruiting: Hiring Strategies and Best Practices

Employers nowadays need to know how to recruit diverse candidates and appreciate the effect their hiring practices have on workplace equality. Recruitment efforts that rely on outdated assumptions about Canadian workers risk stagnating and suffering the effects of groupthink and low morale. The team at Group Enroll wants you to have the tools you need to maintain an inclusive workplace that promotes diversity.

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What Is Diversity in Hiring?

Did you know that over 20% of Canadians have a disability, and over 20% come from other countries? Diversity is an integral part of Canadian life.

Diversity, equality, and inclusion are common buzzwords in modern corporate culture. To truly enact a hiring policy that reflects genuine diversity in the workplace, recruiters, HR professionals, and business leaders need to look beyond the slogans. They need to know how to recruit diverse candidates, provide them with an equitable and meaningful place in their organizations, and invest in their success and retention.

The lasting benefits of diverse hiring practices only emerge once businesses integrate diversity holistically into their hiring and retention process. Incorporating diversity into your employer brand and corporate image will help you make systemic changes beyond the wording on the job posting.

Diversity can mean many things, and each facet of diversity affects the workforce and workplace culture differently.

Gender Parity

Ethnic and Cultural Diversity


Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

9 Strategies for Hiring a Diverse Workforce

There is no one trick to achieving diversity. Knowing how to recruit diverse candidates means understanding how diversity impacts every step of the employment process, including recruitment, interviewing, onboarding, and retention.

1. Have a Sensitivity Reader Review Recruitment Materials

2. Ask Whether Your Policies Discourage Diversity in Applications

3. Use a Blind Hiring Process

4. Reach Out to Your Employees

5. Adjust Your Hiring Priorities

6. Use Social Media for Recruitment

7. Encourage an Inclusive Culture

8. Create Diverse Shortlists

9. Offer an Attractive Employment Package

Why Is Diversity in Hiring Important?

Many businesses see diversity in hiring as a matter of legal compliance or public relations, but pro-diversity policies can strengthen organizations in many ways.

Maximize Your Recruitment Tools

Gain Multiple Perspectives

Foster a Culture of Inclusivity

Serve Diverse Customers and Clients

Start Initiatives that Benefit the Entire Organization


How Group Insurance Can Help Attract a Diverse Workforce

The need for health insurance can impede workplace diversity. Canadian health insurance does not cover all health insurance costs, and many workers cannot afford to pay additional health costs out-of-pocket.

Workers with disabilities, women who might become pregnant, single parents, and workers with chronic health conditions might be unable to apply for your job unless it offers health coverage.

Contact Group Enroll to get a quote for group health coverage tailored to the unique needs of your business and your workers. This simple, vital investment in your workers could make the difference between a crippling labour shortage and a thriving, dynamic business.

Canadians know Group Enroll as a source of competitive health insurance rates from leading benefits providers. Work with us to explore how to recruit diverse candidates for your organization. You can reach us by e-mail at hello@groupenroll.ca and address letters to our office at10 Great Gulf Drive, Unit 5, Vaughan, ON, L4K 5W1.