How Does Networking Help Your Business: Best Practices

How Does Networking Help Your Business: Best Practices


When company leaders plan to promote their business, they usually think in terms of marketing and advertising. However, regularly networking with other companies is another essential — and often misunderstood — part of gaining a place in the industry.

How does networking help your business? How do you choose the best practices for network building? Learn all this and more in the following overview.


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What Does Your Business Gain From Networking?

Effective networking will result in varied and long-lasting gains, but its benefits are difficult to summarize in numbers. A business owner can say, “This advertising campaign has netted a revenue of $X.” But evaluating your company’s profit from social events is less straightforward.

You never know when you might meet a helpful contact as you talk to people or when networking events might produce business leads. However, consistently putting your company forward can help you grow your professional footprint in several ways. How does networking help your business? Review the benefits below.

Valuable Connections

Business Leads

Industry Trends and Practices

Shared Experience and Feedback

Business Authority

What to Do Before Attending a Networking Event

Profitable networking begins well before you walk through the doors and start talking to people. Make the most of your next business event with a mix of strategy and background research.

Identify Opportunities

Do Your Homework

Prepare to Introduce Yourself

How to Become a Better Networker

“I know networking can help my business,” you may be thinking, “But I often feel awkward when I approach people and try to talk about my business.”

In many ways, networking is a form of art. It requires some talent, awareness, and social skills. However, even natural introverts can become successful networkers with the right approach.

Be Ready to Help Others

Listen and Communicate

Nurture Existing Connections

Follow Up with New Contacts

Project a Positive Outlook

Break the Ice


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