How to Submit Blue Cross Claims

How to Submit Blue Cross Claims

Blue Cross is a leading provider of group insurance in Canada. The company supplies millions of workers with comprehensive benefits each year. To access all that Blue Cross has to offer, employers and employees alike need to know how to submit a claim. 

Submitting a claim is the process that allows an insurance company such as Blue Cross to approve and record a request for reimbursement for any service that is a part of a plan member’s benefits plan. 

If your company currently has Blue Cross or is looking to switch to the insurance provider, here are the options you have for submitting a Blue Cross claim form.

Submitting a Blue Cross Claim Through the Group Member Portal

Blue Cross offers a personal portal to manage your plan. To access this, register an account for yourself at From there, you will be able to view all the details of your group coverage plan and submit a Blue Cross claim electronically. 

To submit a Blue Cross claim, go to the area of the website that says, “Submit a Claim.” This button can be found under the “Your Claims” tab. You’ll then be able to choose the category that matches the type of claim you are attempting to file. 

There’s a “What Can I Claim” button under each category that will help you understand which types of claims you can submit online. After that, follow the simple instructions to file a Blue Cross claim. 

Please note that you should always attach a receipt and additional documentation to any claim form you submit. These documents help avoid delays in processing your request and protect you in the event of an audit. 

Once your claim is submitted, the site allows you to track its status. Most claims are reimbursed within 24 hours of approval.

Submitting a Claim with the Blue Cross App

Blue Cross also offers a mobile app. You can download the Alberta Blue Cross My Benefits app on the App Store or Google Play. Your app login is the same as your Blue Cross login. 

Once signed in, you’ll see there are a plethora of options available to you. Scroll down to find a plus sign (+) with the caption, “Add a Claim.” Now you can successfully submit a claim. 

For most Blue Cross claims, payments are issued the next business day if the claim is approved. From the app, you can see when a request has been processed and the direct deposit date. The app is also a great way to view what medical and non-medical benefits are covered under your plan before making an appointment with a medical provider. 

The mobile app also doubles as your health card, which means you can present it at a healthcare professional’s office. By doing so, you decrease the amount you owe upfront by eliminating the costs covered by your insurance plan, in most cases. 

You can also cancel or modify a claim after you’ve submitted it without having to pick up a phone. Select “Recent Claims” from the main menu. Find your desired claim and click “Modify” or “Remove.”

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Submitting a Blue Cross Claim by Mail

Under some insurance plans or claim types, you may not be eligible to submit a claim electronically or via a provider. If this is the case, you will have to mail your form to Alberta Blue Cross. 

Paper forms can be printed from the Blue Cross website. After signing in to the member site, you can fill out and print a pre-populated claim form. Make sure to mail your original receipts and required documents along with the signed claim form to the address located on the form. 

We recommend making a copy of all the above before sending in your claim. That way, if it is lost in the mail or you need documentation in the future, you have it.

Once Blue Cross receives your claim, you can track its status from the member portal and receive a direct deposit payment if approved. Note that mailed claims take the longest to process, typically two weeks after receipt. 

Claims must be received within 365 days from the day the medical service was rendered to be eligible for approval. But it would be best to check your specific plan as every benefits plan has a different timeline for submission. 

Here is the mailing address to send your Blue Cross claim form to:

Alberta Blue Cross

10009-108 St. NW

Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3C5

Double-check this address with the address printed on your claim form, as it may be subject to change in the future or differ for a few select claim types.

Other Blue Cross Claims

There may be a different process of submitting Blue Cross claim forms for claims not related to medical services. Here is how to file each group claim type.

  • Extended Health Claims – Submit online (for vision or paramedical claims) or mail in a Health Services Claim Form.
  • Prescription Drugs Claims – Have the pharmacy directly bill Alberta Blue Cross by showing your health card to the pharmacist or pay at the pharmacy and file a reimbursement claim by sending in a Health Services Claim Form. 
  • Dental Claims – Your dentist may be authorized to submit electronic claims on your behalf, or you may arrange assignment billing by signing a Dental Claim or Treatment Form. Payments will be sent to your dentist, or you can pay the dentist directly and submit a dental claim form for reimbursement. 
  • Spending Account Claims – You can mail in a completed Health Spending Account claim form or submit it online (if applicable).
  • Taxable Spending Account Claims – Fill out a custom spending account Form. You can do this on the member site by going to the “Forms” section and selecting “Wellness Spending Account,” or submit your claim online (if applicable). 
  • Life and Disability Claims – There are three guides available on the Blue Cross website that deal with long term disability benefits, weekly indemnity benefits, and critical illness benefits
  • Direct Billing – Direct billing can be used for healthcare professional services such as chiropractor and massage therapy appointments. Direct billing sends a payment from Blue Cross directly to the service provider, leaving you with only costs not covered by your benefits plan.

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Blue Cross Policy?

As you can see, Blue Cross offers many options for getting the most out of your group benefits package. You will love the financial security they provide your workplace.  Managing you and your employee’s claims have never been easier. With the touch of a finger, you can have all your questions about your insurance plan answered and track the status of all your claims. 

Even so, it’s best to compare insurance rates about once a year to make sure you’re getting the best possible coverage at the lowest possible rate. 

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