Your Guide to Submitting an Empire Life Claim, Forms & More

Your Guide to Submitting an Empire Life Claim, Forms & More

According to Canadian Life and Health Insurance Facts, health and life insurance providers paid out approximately $98 billion in benefits to Canadians last year alone. To be a part of that statistic, you need to know how to properly submit a claim to your insurance provider. 

At Group Enroll, we’re proud to be partners with Empire Life, which provides generous group benefits packages to businesses nationwide. If you are a current or future Empire Life plan member, here are the various ways you can file an Empire Life claim.

Submitting an Empire Life Claim Through your Provider’s Office

Some healthcare professionals can legally submit group insurance claims on your behalf, such as dentists, chiropractors, and vision care providers. All you have to do as a plan member is present your Empire Life Insurance card and ask your healthcare provider to submit a claim for you at the time of your appointment. 

From there, a few different things could happen. One possibility is that the portion that Empire covers in your existing coverage plan is immediately deducted from your total. Another possibility is you may pay the full amount that day but be reimbursed within 24 hours. This process alleviates the need for you to fill out an Empire Life online claim form after every visit to your healthcare provider.

Submitting an Empire Life Claim Online and via Mobile Device

Submitting an Empire Life online claim is an easy and stress-free process, thanks to the company’s real-time adjudication process. That means that the instant you submit a claim, you’ll know how much you are getting reimbursed. 

In most cases, reimbursement payments appear in your bank account within 24 hours, one of the fastest turnaround times in the group insurance industry. 

eClaims can be filed through Empire Life’s member website,, by following the prompts to submit a claim online. To get your reimbursement quickly, make sure you are signed up for the direct deposit option.

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Submitting a Blue Cross Claim by Mail

Depending on the type of Empire Life claim form you are submitting, you may be unable to file it electronically. In this instance, you will need to submit through the mail. On the Empire Life website, you will be able to fill out a claim form

After printing and signing the document, you should also ensure that you attach any receipts or additional documentation that Empire Life may need to process your claim. This information is listed towards the bottom of each claim form. Claims must be filed no more than 12 months after the service has been rendered, or they will be declined. 

Here is the mailing address for Empire Life:

The Empire Life Insurance Company

Group Health Claims

259 King St. East Kingston, ON K7L 3A8

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Empire Life Policy?

Empire Life’s mission is to make the group insurance claim process simple, fast, and easy for Canadians nationwide. The company has over 80 years of experience in group insurance and securing financial security for its plan members. 

That’s why at Group Enroll, we are proud to be part of their network as well as many other globally recognized providers. Even so, we recommend comparing rates around once a year to ensure you’re still getting the best rate—and we can help with that. 

We use our reputable network to find the lowest group insurance quotes for our customers. We eliminate the time-consuming process of filling out quote request forms for multiple providers or making a bunch of phone calls. Want to see what Group Enroll can do for you? Fill out our quote form!

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