Sending Client Gifts: When Is the Right and Wrong Time?

Sending Client Gifts: When Is the Right and Wrong Time?

Consider the last time you received a gift and how it made you feel. Most likely, you felt appreciated by the giver and grateful to them for expending the effort. Your business clients and customers feel the same way when you send client gifts. 

Although most people react positively to receiving a business gift at any time, you can make the most of your giving endeavors by choosing the best times to send them.

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Why Is It Important to Send Clients Gifts?

In today’s digital world, connecting to clients on a personal level proves challenging. With so many business transactions occurring online, how do you remind your customers that you’re human, too, you value them, and you want to make a meaningful impact in their lives? 

Why not send out some great gifts to your clients? A carefully-selected gift:

  •       Sets you apart from your competitors
  •       Reminds your clients of your company’s values
  •       Encourages client loyalty
  •       Encourages reciprocity

Choose the best time to send your gift to make the most impact.

When Is the Right Time to Send Client Gifts?

A strategically-timed gift offers the most advantages to you and your business. Consider these excellent times to give client gifts:

When the Client Is New

When It’s Time To Renew Service

When There Is Something to Celebrate

When the Client Doesn’t Expect It

Choosing the Perfect Gift for Your Client

Choosing the right gift provides a topic for a whole page of advice, but there are a few tips you can keep in mind. For example, unique gift ideas have more impact, and every client will appreciate a personalized message with your corporate gift. Check out this insightful survey to learn more about giving business gifts

Dazzle your clients with thoughtful gifts “just because.” They will remember you did.

Corporate Gift Ideas

If you are leaning on the side of sending an appreciative or celebratory gift to a client there are some really creative and thoughtful ideas that blow the traditional box of donuts out of the water. 

  1. Send a mini garden. This can either be artificial or real. If it’s real, make sure it’s not too high maintenance. A gift like this is a symbol of how you and your client can grow together.
  2. Gourmet Coffee or Tea. Everyone loves a coffee and tea break, so why not treat them to something extra flavourful and unique?
  3. Restaurant gift cards. This is always a crowd pleaser. Your client gets to choose the meal of their choice so there’s no mistake in their taste preferences
  4. Catered lunch. Find the local deli in your clients neighbourhood and send over a lovely presentation of mini sandwiches and wraps, a charcuterie board and mini pastries for lunch’s dessert.
  5. A good old fashioned handwritten note. In the digital age, we forget how nice it used to be to receive a letter. Send a thank you card, with a note inside. This little gesture can make a huge impact.

Be creative with your gift giving also. For example, if you’re sending a gift to a company that produces wine, why not send a beer making kit? It’s in the same wheelhouse of craft, but it’s a nice change to their everyday process. Or, if you’re sending a gift to a travel company, why not send along a good quality leather travel toiletry bag? The options are really endless.

Now that we’ve explored when, why and what kinds of gifts to send, let’s explore the other side of the picture. While client gift giving is a great way to retain and capture business relationships, there’s also ways that it can have a negative impact.

When Is the Wrong Time to Send Client Gifts?

In truth, wrong times to send gifts don’t exist. However, if you avoid the gift-giving motivators below, your contributions will be more memorable and meaningful for your clients.

During Major Holidays

When There Are Strings Attached

The First Time You Sold Them Something


Client Gift Giving, Employee Benefits and Group Enroll

While you’re in the gift-giving mood, client gifts aren’t the only ones to consider. Give your employees the gift of group health insurance to help them afford dental insurance, prescription drugs, and other essential coverage. Group insurance plans show your employees that you care about their health and wellbeing. 

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